Substrate Options



A substrate is the any material that can be printed on. Below are brief descriptions of all of our available substrates so you can better understand what you are ordering for your next big project!



13 oz. Scrim Vinyl

13oz Banner is a single-sided, polyester scrim banner designed to be lightweight and versatile. With a specially formulated topcoat, it produces consistent image quality and optimal color reproduction. The material can be easily finished with grommets, sewing or hem stitch, and is designed for indoor and outdoor durability without lamination.


18 oz. Scrim Vinyl

18oz Double-Sided Scrim is a smooth, opaque, flexible PVC banner with a polyester fabric embedded between two PVC vinyl layers. This material has a high opacity to block distraction back light and shadows. This product will give all images a vivid, bright appearance and is great for double sided pole banners.


9 oz. Mesh

9 oz. Mesh is a lightweight, polyester scrim, outdoor durable mesh material. Mesh weave minimizes wind resistance and allows air to pass through the material with a 70/30 air flow rate. Great for fence banners.





Digital acrylic is a 4’x8’ clear acrylic panel. The face of the sheet has enhanced adhesion properties for UV & Latex ink, making it the go-to acrylic for flatbed printing. The optical clarity ensures color accuracy and vividness and is perfect for second surface applications. 



Aluminum used in the printing industry are thin, flat panels made from aluminum metal. This material is known for being versatile, durable, and having a great aesthetic appeal. Aluminum is commonly utilized for various printing applications, including signage, graphic arts, packaging, and more.


Cardboard – E flute, B flute, C flute

Fluted cardboard is a type of corrugated cardboard used in the printing industry. It is known for its thin and compact structure, making it suitable for applications that require lightweight yet sturdy packaging solutions. The "E", “B”, and C options refer to the wave-shaped layer of paper that is sandwiched between two flat linerboards.


MaxMetal – 3mm and 6mm and 3mm brushed silver

We use an Aluminum Composite Material, aka ACM, called MaxMetal. MaxMetal is comprised of two, pre-painted .15mm aluminum panels bonded to a solid polyethylene core, it is lighter and more durable than solid aluminum panels. ACM panels are a proven, versatile substrate that offers a solution for countless application types.


Coroplast4mm or 10mm

Coroplast is a fluted polypropylene substrate, great for those looking for an economical material for digital and screen print applications. it is easy to cut, route, die-cut, and finish and can also be recycled. Think political yard signs.


Foamboard – 3/16” or 1/2” white

Foamboard is paper faced foamboard with a bright white point paper surface sandwiched with an extruded polystyrene foam core. You will see superior results from digital printing, screen printing, or mounting. Easily finished in traditional digital die cutting tables with excellent results.



Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, commonly known as PETG, is a thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance, durability, and excellent formability for manufacturing. Additionally, PETG is well-suited for fabrication techniques like die cutting, routing, bending and vacuum forming.


Posterboard – C2S 12pt, 18pt, 24pt or 50pt

Posterboard, is a material that is rigid and strong enough to stand on its own. It offers a smooth surface that is suitable for writing, drawing, and attaching other materials like photographs or cut-outs. Posterboard is often used in classrooms, conferences, trade shows, and other events where eye-catching presentations are required.\

PVC – white or black, 3mm, 6mm or 12mm

Foamed PVC designed is to be lightweight, durable, and highly versatile. Whether the job calls for digital printing, vinyl application, or cutting and fabrication, PVC offers excellent all-around performance and a wide array of sizes, colors, and thicknesses.


Styrene – .020, .030, .040, .060, or .080

Styrene can be used in Point-of-Purchase displays, retail signage, horticultural signage, door tags and so much more! The smooth print surface, flexibility, durability and closed cell structure of Polystyrene makes it one of the most universal print solutions for the graphics industry and its waterproof.


Ultraboard – 3/16” or 1/2” white or black

UltraBoard is a popular and versatile rigid foam board product with polystyrene faces that can be used for a variety of applications. Easily cut or routed, with up to 10-year durability, Ultraboard is lightweight, strong, & warp-resistant. Color descriptions are formatted in a X/X/X format with "W" representing White and "B" representing Black. The first and last letters are the colors of each polystyrene face of the board while the center letter represents the color of the foam core between the boards.




Wall Deco

This product line features easy to install non-vinyl fabric and vinyl options to enhance any indoor space. Removeable and permanent options provides a unique woven texture for high-end wall graphics.



This product is designed for wall and floor graphics, indoor use or short term outdoor use.  Surfaces recommended include, but are not limited to; carpet, tile, metal, properly painted surfaces, wood and PVC floors, untreated stone, smooth concrete, asphalt, brick and ceramic tile.


Window Perf

Perforated window film is ideal for presenting your message on windows. Window perf allows a visible graphic on the front of a window with the ability to see through it from the inside.  Exterior-mount flat window graphics intended for short-term applications.


IJ-40 is a removable vinyl film that can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces for maximum adaptability. Thanks to a pressure-activated adhesive and air release channels, film application is fast, easy, and bubble-free to help provide a consistent and clean finish. We offer clear luster and white gloss options.



IJ-180 is a vinyl film intended for a more long term or “permanent” solution IJ-180 can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces for maximum adaptability as it is designed to conform to compound curves, corrugations, and rivets. Thanks to a pressure-activated adhesive and air release channels, film application is fast, easy, and bubble-free to help provide a consistent and clean finish. We offer white gloss.


High-Tack White & Clear

High-Tack Vinyl are polymeric vinyl films that can be used for many different flat and simple curve applications. Under normal circumstances, a 5-year expected exterior exposure makes these films a great solution for medium to long-term jobs.


Low-Tack White & Clear

Theses are flexible films with a clear low tack removable adhesive laminated to a 90# lay flat liner. These films are digitally printable and can accept a variety of inks. With up to a 3-year durability, these films are a perfect solution for window decals or any short to medium term application requiring a low tack adhesive.